Small and mini air purifiers

The recommendation of small air purifiers in "cozy living place" has gradually become a craze

Hong Kong has a small land and a large number of people, and the building area is small. If you want to have excellent air quality under the constraints of a narrow environment, Hong Kong can only start with a mini air purifier. Their power is naturally less than that of ordinary home machines, and usually can only meet the space of less than 100 feet, but pretty much your choice to pick a mini air purifier for cozy living place.

The living area may not be large, hence a suitable, high-quality small air purifier can already meet the needs of a room and improve the air quality of your residence. Human body needs to breathe all the time, the air quality of the residence is actually directly related to health, and the fresh air brought by the small air purifier also helps to improve life experience, Keeping you uplifted and happy is an important part of home life. For this reason, mini air purifiers have gradually become a craze.


The new coronavirus epidemic is popular, and home purification is not enough, which portable air purifiers meet your travel needs

Beginning with SARS, Avian Influenza, H1N1 virus, H3N2, COVID-19... Various epidemics have emerged one after another, and people are increasingly concerned about air quality and safety. Portable air purifiers usually refer to air purifiers that can be carried out, have a built-in independent power supply, and are simple and light. They are very suitable for people who need to go out frequently. For example, our NCCO portable air purifiers , they are all equipped with a miniature NCCO air purification system, which can purify the air around you and prevent virus intrusion. If you are a person who works in a fixed space for a long time, you also need to pay attention to the air safety of the office location to protect your health. You can consider adding a table air purifier to purify air in the working area.


Professional Advice

NCCO understands the needs of users and knows that not everyone understands the working principle behind the mini air purifier. Therefore, we have set up excellent and professional customer service personnel to provide mini air purifier recommendations and explanations according to customer needs to help you improve your ideal home. air quality in. If you are still confused, please contact our customer staff for a mini air purifier recommendation for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Small Air Purifier

What is the difference between a small air purifier and a household machine?

The main difference is in the applicable space range. The power of the home machine is large and can be used in a large range; the power of the small or table air purifier is small, and it is only suitable for a small range. On the other hand, some models can only use a mobile power supply and cannot be plugged in. This should also be noted. Most of our models have dual power functions, which can be plugged in via USB or run independently using a lithium battery.


What are the benefits of using a mini air purifier?

The mini air purifier has less power, so the power consumption and volume will be lower, and it is more energy efficient and quiet to use. If you need little space, such as only on the head of the bed, on the desk, or in the compartment, it is highly recommended that you use a mini or desk air purifier.

Will the installation of the mini air purifier be troublesome?

Usually, the installation is easier than that of household machines, and the accessories are only filter, panel, and body. These small air purifiers can be successfully installed and used by following the instructions in the manual.

Are there any recommendations for mini air purifiers suitable for taking care of children's health?

Nasal sensitivity is a problem that plagues many Hong Kong people, and children suffer even more from it. Using our NCCO1802 mini air purifier, placed on the bedside or desk, can effectively purify the regional air, make children breathe more smoothly and comfortably when they fall asleep or do homework, and prevent harmful substances from affecting children.

Are there any mini air purifiers for Hong Kong office workers?

If you feel dizzy at work, it may be caused by the lack of indoor air circulation and high formaldehyde concentration. Our BM10 is recommended for small air purifiers to be placed on the office table. Its appearance is elegant and beautiful, and it can effectively purify the air in the area, make users work more energetic, in the long run can maintain physical health.


Why should I choose your portable air purifier?

Our NCCO has many styles to suit your different needs, and all are equipped with NCCO air purification technology, the filter element has a long life, and the types of air pollutants that can be purified are far better than other brands of technology, especially suitable for those who are busy working. For example, the BM10 style is suitable for the office, the NCCO1802 is suitable for the vehicle, and the NCCO1804 design is suitable for light carrying out. There is always one that can meet your needs.