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Air Purifier and Ideal Home

The market for air purifiers in Hong Kong is substantial, because an ideal and comfortable home, in addition to scenery, decoration, and facilities, actually requires another element—air quality. Especially for those who live in the bustling metropolis, a suitable and high-quality air purifier is important in order to improve the air quality in our homes. With the persistence of the coronavirus in our everyday lives, there is no doubt about the importance of air purification. The human body needs to breathe constantly, linking air quality directly to our health. Moreover, the fresh air provided by air purifiers also help to improve our life experiences, leading to invigoration and happiness, which plays an important role in maintaining a balanced home life.

There are many articles and guides such as "Recommendation of Air Purifiers", "Recommendations of Air Purifiers", "Analysis of Air Purifiers" in Hong Kong, which may dazzle you. When you follow those "Recommended Guides for Air Purifiers in Hong Kong" After using the product, you might find that the effect is not as ideal as expected. Sometimes the effect is completely insignificant, and sometimes the air purifier recommendation performs well at first, but quickly loses its effectiveness. Because in fact, behind the air purifiers are the use of different technical principles to work, each air purifier technology has its own applicable scope and use restrictions, if you do not understand their mechanism, choose an air purifier that is not suitable for your needs. device, it will backfire.

NCCO Air Purifier understands the needs of users, and knows that not everyone understands the working principle behind the air purifier. Therefore, we have established excellent professional customer service personnel to provide air purifier recommendations, explanations, and assistance according to the needs of Hong Kong customers. You improve the air quality in your ideal home. If you are still confused about air purifier recommendations, please contact our customer service to recommend air purifiers for you.



Introduction to common air purifier technology

Air purifier technology and functions, advantages and disadvantages of air purifiers

NCCO TechnologyThe highest-level technology in the air purifier, can filter the pollutants in the air and then decompose and purify them into harmless substances; it is recommended that the air purifier can decompose pollutants, so the life of the filter element can be as long as 12 years under normal maintenance, the performance is still maintained even in the high humidity weather in Hong Kong; the performance is reflected in the long run, and it is a long-distance runner in the air purification equipment, but only a small number of air purifiers use this technology
Activated CarbonCommonly used in air purifiers to adsorb and store pollutants in the air; suitable for short-term applications; however, the activated carbon filter with full adsorption has no purification ability, so the life span is only 3-6 months, and the life span is shorter in the high humidity weather in Hong Kong , if it is not replaced on time, the adsorbed pollutants will be released again to form secondary pollution
PhotocatalystThe air purifier is recommended to use light energy for catalytic reaction to sterilize the air; it will not adsorb pollutants but sterilize the air directly. Although there is no secondary pollution, its purification speed is slower than other technologies, and the loss of efficiency is higher. Moreover, once the surface of the photocatalyst is polluted, it will lose its effectiveness, making it difficult to apply to the dusty and high humidity environment in Hong Kong.
Automatic Sterilization IonsThe air purifier releases positive and negative ions through the machine to inhibit harmful substances in the air; it does not absorb pollutants but inhibits harmful substances, although there is no secondary pollution; but due to chemical effects, its cleaning process will be in the home. Ozone is released in the environment, which is harmful to human body
OzoneThe air purifier is recommended to release ozone to purify the air strongly; it has strong sterilization ability; but this type of air purifier is only effective for planktonic bacteria, and cannot purify other common air pollutants such as formaldehyde, amonia, etc., plus air The release of ozone can cause harm to the human body

Frequently asked questions about buying an air purifier:


What do I need to know when buying an air purifier?

When buying an air purifier in Hong Kong, you need to know your home air quality, your living habits, such as whether you have nasal allergies, do you have pets, are you living close to the road etc., as well as your own expectations, so that we can recommend the right air purifiers for you.


Should I read air purifier recommendations?

In fact, it should be, but don't blindly believe the air purifier recommendation. The recommendations of air purifiers in Hong Kong will let you know more technical principles and information, and let you have a clearer understanding of your needs. However, these air purifier recommendations may not fully explain the advantages and disadvantages of the technology. Therefore, we also recommend that Hong Kong customers of air purifiers can consult the NCCO customer service staff.


Is there a demand for air purifiers in Hong Kong?

Now that the new coronavirus is raging, there is certainly a demand for air purifier recommendations. At the same time, Hong Kong has a humid climate, dense population, complicated road network, and the prevalence of "screen buildings" in recent years. Air quality has always been a serious problem for Hong Kong people, and nasal allergy is a symptom that makes many Hong Kong people feel deeply painful. You may not be able to deal with the air quality problems in the big environment, but buying a good air purifier is your best choice. NCCO is the highest scientific research achievement of air purifiers in Hong Kong. It has excellent performance in terms of efficiency, filter life and ease of use, and can meet your needs and expectations for air purifiers.


What is the most important thing about air purifiers in Hong Kong?

It is recommended to buy an air purifier in Hong Kong, please pay attention to the life of the filter element. Taking activated carbon technology as an example, its life span is only 3-6 months, which means that you need to clean it frequently or buy and replace it, otherwise the air purifier will not work. For busy people, it is very easy to miss the time to replace the filter element. And cause the "secondary pollution" crisis; and constantly buying and replacing air purifier filters, not only increases the cost of air purifiers, but also brings a burden of waste to the earth. It is not wise to use air purifiers in the long run. Act of.


Can you easily and quickly recommend different air purifier devices?

  • For air purifiers that only need to improve air quality in the short term rather than long-term needs, activated carbon technology is recommended for air purifiers;
  • For the environment with less dust, dry environment and good air quality, photocatalyst technology is recommended for air purifiers;
  • For the environment where the laboratory and personnel will wear protective clothing, the general performance level of the air purifier is not suitable. Instead, choose the real medical-grade scientific research technology, and only the air purifier with NCCO technology is recommended.
  • The widest applicability, the longest stable performance, the highest level of protection and the highest level of sterilization technology, the most cost-effective and most suitable for the needs of a wide range of users, we recommend you to choose the air purifier with NCCO technology.


I often hear that air purifiers promote activated carbon technology, and they report excellent performance, what's the problem?

Air purifiers work at home for a long time, and most of the activated carbon report data in the market only calculates the performance of the air purifier in the first 3 months, and does not show that the activated carbon air purifier has been operated for 3 months, because the absorption is full. There is no corresponding purification means and the result of backflow of pollutants. You must know that the most important function of an air purifier is to improve air quality. If the air purifier will bring hidden dangers to the air in your home, you must take this into consideration when purchasing.