NCCO1804 便攜式空氣淨化機 - 驅蚊版

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便携式 (座台), 便攜式 (座台), 驅蚊空氣淨化機




適合 : 房間、車輛、戶外等地方使用,充滿電後可使用長達8小時!







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關注汽車空氣清新  車廂空氣淨化機是您的良伴

Poor air quality during driving will affect your health in the long run, and in severe cases it may even lead to traffic accidents. Air quality is closely related to human health. Breathing air contains harmful substances for a long time will damage the body. In addition, the air circulation in the cabin is low. If you do not pay attention to air quality, the damage will be more serious than "second-hand smoke". The freshness of car air also affects the drivers' reaction speed. The effect is the same as people feel drowsy in a stuffy environment. This is more obvious when driving. Therefore, air purification in the cabin is a very important part.

The cabin usually only relies on the air conditioner for ventilation, and the air quality in the cabin will drop sharply under the conditions of the number of passengers, the unfavorable ventilation environment, and the heating of the sunlight and leather goods. If you have excellent air quality in such an environment, you can only start with a cabin air purifier. The power is naturally lower than that of ordinary household machines. Usually, it can only meet the space of less than 100 feet, but the performance is not at all. inferior to home computers.

Please pay attention to the problem of fresh air in the car. Don't ignore the role of the purifier. The human body needs to breathe every moment. The air quality of the car is directly related to your health. In fact, the clean air recommended by the car air purifier also helps to improve your driving experience, making you feel refreshed and happy.


The epidemic is raging, in addition to cleaning the home, there is also a car air purifier in Hong Kong to ensure travel needs

In the past ten or twenty years, different kinds of epidemics have appeared in Hong Kong one after another: what kind of bird flu, swine flu, H3N2, SARS and the current new crown virus have left people at a loss! But the most basic thing to do is to first pay attention to air quality and safety issues, even the air in the cabin is no exception, especially those who drive frequently, pay more attention to the air quality in the cabin. In this case, they might as well consider NCCO car air purifiers. They are all equipped with a miniature oxygen polymerization air purification system, which helps to purify the cabin air, and the virus will not be able to start!



NCCO is well aware of the needs of users, and understands that not everyone has an understanding of the operating principles behind the car air purifier, so we have an excellent and professional team of customer service personnel, who will make recommendations according to the different needs of customers. It will also explain in detail, the purpose is to improve the air quality in your car, so that there is fresh air in the car. If you still don't know anything about cabin air purification, please contact our customer staff and they will give you a detailed introduction.



測試項目 潔淨空氣輸出比率 (CADR) 報告 測試實驗室
香煙煙霧 13 m3/h REPAP18080601 Acron
甲醛 97.4% REPAP18121101 Acron


第一層 : 活氧產生器
第二層 : 高效濾網
第三層 : 氧聚解反應層


輸出功率 (瓦): 1.3W-2.5W
風量(立方米/小時) : 12-25
噪音水平(分貝): 34-38
產品尺寸(長 x 寬 x 高)(毫米): 160(L) x 73(W) x 160(H)
淨重量(千克): 0.85


Frequently Asked Questions about Buying a Car Air Purifier

Is there any difference between the cabin air purifier and the general household machine?

One of the main differences between the two is that in the application of the space range, the power of the general household machine is larger, so it is suitable for larger indoor spaces; as for the recommended power of the car air purifier, it is only suitable for the general small range in the car. At the same time, our car air purifier is recommended to have two power functions, which can be plugged into the car power supply by USB or can be used independently with lithium batteries, allowing you to purify the air in the car without worry.


What are the benefits of a cabin air purifier?

In the long run, it can ensure the breathing safety of passengers and drivers, and reduce the chance of drivers feeling uncomfortable due to air problems.


Is it very inconvenient to install and use a car air purifier in Hong Kong?

In fact, the installation is easier than home machine, and its accessories are only filters, body and panels, etc., as long as the installation is done according to the instructions in the manual, it can be completed and used immediately.


What is the difference between a car air purifier and a general portable air purifier?

For car air purifier we recommend to have one can be connected to the car power supply, such as our NCCO1802, which can be easily connected to the car power supply through USB, and even after the car is turned off, the built-in lithium battery can still provide continuous purification for 6-8 hours, more convenient than other portables. On the other hand, if we simply consider the performance of the machine, in fact, there is not much difference between car air purifiers and general portable products. For example, all of our air purifiers use NCCO as the core technology, which can provide powerful air purification function, you can choose it with confidence.