NCCO1902 Pedestal Air Purifier

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Eliminate 99.9% bacteria and virus*

Purification efficiency >99% volatile organic compounds*

Simple and easy to understand, multiple mode selections

Local applied research result — NCCO long life filter

Air filtering layer

29.6 minutes cycle to purify 177 square feet of home

Filters pet hair and dander

Removes bacteria

Removes virus

Filters pollen

Filters dust and PM10

Removes VOC

Removes formaldehyde

Filters fine dust and PM2.5

Removes smoke smell

Test Report

Test item Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) Report Lab
PM2.5 11.6 m3/h KJ20200007 GZ Institute of Microbiology

Machine Structure

First layer : Ozone generator
Second layer : HEPA filter
Third layer:NCCO Reactor

Product Spec.

Output Power (W): 3W-5.5W
Air Volume(m3/h) : 5.1-10.2
Sound pressure level(dB): 33-42
Dimensions(L x W x H)(mm): 136 (L) x 175 (W) x 184 (H)
Weight(Kg): 1.2