BM300 Air Purifier

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For living room

Purification efficiency >99% volatile organic compounds*

Effectively removes up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses*

Dual core air flow

Local applied research result — NCCO long life filter

Wifi control

Portable design

3 minutes cycle to purify 200 square feet of home

Filters pet hair and dander

Removes bacteria

Removes virus

Filters pollen

Filter dust and PM10

Removes VOC

Removes formaldehyde

Filters fine dust and PM2.5

Removes smoke smell

Pursue the extreme

With largest model in BM series, BM300 has the ultimate specification, Multiple residential clubs, exhibition halls and other venues using BM300 as their air purifying system
Dual module design, double purify and filtering efficiency. Top-end performance in all aspect. 
Ideal for using in a 217 sqm home or commercial space*

Machine Structure

First layer : Ozone generator

Second layer : Primary filter

Third layer:Electrostatic filter (optional)

Fourth layer : HEPA filter

Fifth layer : NCCO Reactor

Test Report

Test item Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) Report Lab
PM2.5 495.9 m3/h KJ20192155 GZ Institute of Microbiology
Formaldehyde 285.5 m3/h KJ20192154 GZ Institute of Microbiology

Product Spec.

Output Power (W): 10W-86W
Air Volume (m3/h) : 8180-780
Sound pressure level(dB): 26-58
Dimensions(L x W x H)(mm): 510 (L) x 260 (W) x 893 (H)
Weight(Kg): 21.6

*Calculated based on building height with 2.4 meters and the maximum air volume used for one hour; the data may vary due to the design of different houses / the arrangement of indoor furniture and sundries / the air quality near the residence