AOG Active Oxygen Ionizer

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Can be placed in enclosed space to operate independently ,such as refrigerators and shoes cabinets

Comes with a hook, can be easily installed on the b-MOLA air purifier as an accessory

Release active oxygen to sterilize the items in the space

Product Usage

The AOG10 active oxygen ionizer  is slender and lightweight, and can be placed in closed spaces such as refrigerators and shoe cabinets to run independently and automatically, releasing active oxygen to sterilize items in the space; With a snap-fit ​​design, it can be easily installed on the b-MOLA air purifier as an accessory to enhance the machine's ability to remove VOCs and assist in sterilizing the filter.

Product Features

- Release active oxygen for disinfection, on and off automatically to control the dose of active oxygen
-USB charging, can work continuously for 7 days

Product Specifications

Battery capacity: 3.7V/650mAh

Output Power (W): 3W

Air volume (m3/hour) : 18-23

Noise Level (dB): 40-43

Product Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 88.6(L) x 88.5(W) x 36.4(H)

Net Weight (kg): 0.141

Battery operating time: 7 days

Make sure the AOG 10 is charged, press and hold the power button until the POWER blue light turns on, it means the machine is turned on. Press the power button again to start the operation mode. Blue light means the "7-days mode" is on, green light means the "30-minutes mode" is on. When the machine beeps lightly, it means the machine has started to emit active oxygen and is functioning