b-MOLA application download and operation

One-click to purify the air in your home

*Only applicable to BM50, BM100, BM150 and BM300


Connect mobile app and air purifier via wifi

1: Register as a new b-MOLA user;
2: Log in to your account;
3: Add b-MOLA air purifier equipment, click "Add";
4: Set and reset the wifi connection on the b-MOLA air purifier device, then the APP will recognize your current wifi ssid, you only need to enter the wifi password to connect; (Note: 1: Please note that the wifi environment is 2.4G 2. If you change the wifi environment, please go back to the previous page and click "Add" device again)
5: The wifi and the device are connected successfully, and the wifi light of the machine is long;

Connect mobile app and air purifier via SoftAP mode

1) 將空氣淨化器切換成SoftAP模式
Turn off the purifier while keeping it connected
Press and hold the Eco button (leaf pattern) and the windshield button at the same time for 5 seconds
The purifier will beep and the Wifi pattern will start flashing (3 minutes)

The user has 3 minutes to complete the following steps:

2) 將手機連接SoftAP
Open the page for setting up a wireless network on your phone
尋找無線網絡 “iotWifiAp”
And press connect, enter the password "12345678" and press confirm, then wait for a successful connection (*some versions of the purifier, no password required)

3) Connect on the phone
Use the browser on your phone to enter this path:
You will see a page directing you to enter your home/planned *WiFi data
Fill in the *WiFi SSID and password of the user's home/plan to use
Fill in "1" in the "Mode" column and press the Submit button
Now wait a moment. If the SSID and password are entered correctly, the WiFi pattern will stop flashing.
At this point the purifier should go back to the off state.
Please restart the purifier. At this time, the WiFi pattern will be in a static state, and the purifier has been successfully connected

*Wireless network must be 2.4GHz, 5GHz network is not supported

4) Connect the purifier using the b-MOLA app
Open the page of setting up the wireless network on the phone
Newly connected to the user's home WiFi (the "iotWifiAp" of the purifier host should have disappeared at this time)
Open the b-MOLA app and log in
Press the"Add" button to connect with the purifier

Note: If the wifi environment in the user's home changes in the future (such as changing a new router/resetting the password, etc.), the user will need to re-bind the wifi for the purifier host. (depending on the different models, the reset method may be different. Please refer to the host's manual or quick guide)