Commercial Air Purifiers

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Differences between traditional commercial air purifiers and NCCO products

Traditional commercial air purifiers, such as the exhaust pipes in garbage stations, the fresh air duct filter layer in the central air-conditioning system of commercial buildings, and the exhaust pipes of buildings, are actually "pollution transfer" operations, and most of them are used to transfer pollutants. Instead of decomposing to deal with air pollution, such as high-altitude emission or activated carbon absorption, long-term use will only increase environmental pollution and increase meaningless energy consumption.

After 20 years of precipitation and the efforts of the scientific research team, RHT Industries Limited has broken through the shackles of "pollution transfer", successfully developed the patented technology: Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO), and sublimated the treatment technology of commercial air purifiers to "purification", using new scientific design and environmental protection thinking, to achieve the integration of the adsorption and decomposition of pollutants in the product, to solve the traditional commercial air purifier has been criticized.

Today, RHT Industries Limited's products have achieved outstanding results in many regions around the world. It has accumulated rich practical experience and commercial engineering contracting cases in public institutions, industry, business, private housing and other industries. As many as 300 hospitals use RHT Industries Limited's NCCO commercial air purifiers to protect their medical staff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Air Purifiers

Why do I need a commercial air purifier?

In a commercial environment, high-quality air quality will result in a displayable air quality certificate and label issued by the Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. It shows that the company pays attention to health, increases the productivity of employees, and increases the added value of the company. It is an important corporate social responsibility. Therefore, a product that can really bring purification is very important.

Will the installation of a commercial air cleaner be difficult?

Most customers choose our two commercial air purifiers, RH-490C and RH-220. RH-490C is a ceiling-type NCCO air treatment system, which can be easily installed on the ceiling by the staff without any modification or connection to the original fresh air or ventilation duct. The installation is very convenient; RH-220 is a vent pipe defender system, it is also our flagship product. It is mainly installed in the exhaust pipe on the roof of the building, and there is no need to change the original exhaust pipe structure of the building.

Does installing a commercial air cleaner add unnecessary energy consumption?

First, maintaining air quality is not an "unnecessary" energy consumption, whether it is for health reasons or in line with corporate responsibility. Second, our commercial products emphasize environmental protection and energy saving. Since our products use NCCO  technology, longer life than other brand products or air purification equipment, more environmentally friendly, and less unnecessary waste.