b-MOLA – industry leader of Air Purifier, provides assurance for Taxi drivers

A designated taxi fleet for transporting Covid-19 patients to and from 7 designated clinics in Hong Kong has begun operation. Some taxi drives expressed concerns about the service, saying close contacts with Covid-19 patients and small compartments of taxi might increase risk of Covid-19 infections.

Hong Kong Taxi Associations have always provided dedicated support to its members. Regarding latest development of Covid-19 and the launch of ‘anti-epidemic’ taxic service, HKTA collaborated with b-MOLA to sponsor air purifiers for “anti-epidemic” taxis. This could improve safety of taxis by killing the bacteria inside taxi compartments.

b-MOLA's  air purifiers’ certified NCCO technology eliminates Covid-19 particles 

The air purifiers sponsored by b-MOLA (NCCO1802) is a portable Air Treatment Unit. It is lightweight, effective, and well-received by market. Despite its portable size, this model carries NCCO patented, certified technology which provides multiple layers of purification and efficient treatment. It absorbs and decomposes pollutants and purifies the air without any pollutant’s residues or leakage.

NCCO technology is also the only nationally certified sterilization technology in Hong Kong. In 2021, b-MOLA’s NCCO technology has been tested and proven by Jiangsu Provincial Center For Disease Control and Prevention in its effectiveness in eliminating 99.99% of the fifth generation Covid-19 particles, hence the chance of taxi drivers getting infected is also highly eliminated.

200 taxi drivers benefit from b-MOLA’s sponsored air purifiers

One day prior to the roll out of ‘anti-epidemic’ taxi services, around 200 taxis went through sterilization and clean-up at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. b-MOLA staff members have distributed and set up NCCO1802 for taxi drivers. NCCO1802 is a portable air purifier with USB charger and strap for the backseat, which taxi drivers found “easy to install”, even without assistance from b-MOLA staff.

This time, b-MOLA is sponsoring 200 pieces (worth HK$250,000) NCCO1802, showing its dedication in fighting the virus with Hong Kong citizens and helping taxi drivers. During the distribution on 17th Feb, some drivers expressed their gratitude to b-MOLA staff, saying the purifier is “putting their minds at ease”.

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