RHT Industries Limited invents “NCCO Anti-Epidemic Mobile Cabin” for Nursing Homes amid Covid-19

Repeated outbreaks of Covid-19 have raised health concerns among elderly. Most air filtration systems within Elderly Homes or Nursing Homes are below standard, which triggers cross-infections and huge number of deaths. RHT Industries Limited has therefore invented a new product - “NCCO Anti-Epidemic Mobile Cabin”, to improve the situation in Elderly Homes.

“Isolation within nursing homes” is expected amid exacerbated health issues among the elderly

Most nursing homes are not medical institutes by nature, this means there’s a lack of proper ventilation or capacity to handle health crises. Generally, elderly of severe health condition needs to be hospitalized or transferred to a health institution for treatments. During the pandemic, these institutions have no capacity to admit new patients, which creates a huge burden for nursing homes. Patients have no options but to stay in, which causes cross-infections among the elderly and huge number of deaths. “Isolation within the facility” has therefore become an urgent need for these nursing homes. The isolation area built temporarily within the facility would allow covid patients to be isolated from other residents, lessening the chance of cross-infection. At the same time, it would not affect much of the daily operation of the nursing homes.

NCCO Anti-Epidemic Mobile Cabin alleviates pressure of healthcare within nursing homes

With this Mobile Cabin installed, even if covid patients are not immediately transferred to hospitals, they can temporarily stay in this isolated safe space. This can prevent an outbreak within the nursing home. It also provides a safe space for dining and resting for staffs. Furthermore, with contained outbreaks, friends and families of the elderly can finally visit in the short future, with low risk of cross-family infections. It is expected that death rates of elderly will significantly decrease after the introduction of this facility and hopefully the 5th wave outbreak would be the last.

Key Features of NCCO Anti-Epidemic Mobile Cabin

· 14 rounds of air circulation are done every hour

· Extract Ventilation System: limits the inflow of unfiltered air and chance of transmitted disease through air

· NCCO technology is proven effective in eliminating 99.98% COVID-19particles

 · Entire isolation unit is sustainable. It can be dismantled, stored and re-installed in the future if needed

· Air filtration is achieved indoor and doesn’t affect room temperature. It has no impact on air conditioning costs nor create extra waste or pollution 

As of now, this Mobile Cabin Facility has become front-page news and received wide recognition. It has been installed in SKH Tseung Kwan O Elderly Services Building, SKH Li Ka Shing Care and Attention Home for the Elderly and Tai Wo Hau Elderly Service Centre.

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