Recap of "Utilizing InnovativeTech, Preventing the 6th Wave Epidemic Exhibition" hosted by RHT Industries Limited

Combine the power of science research, Looking forward to Hong Kong's future


"Utilizing InnovativeTech, Preventing the 6th Wave Epidemic Exhibition" was successfully hosted by RHT Industries Limited and co-hosted with HKSTA, HKPSWTA and The Elderly Services Association of Hog Kong on 7th-9th June this year. 

We invited Mr. Alfred Sit, JP (Secretary of Innovation and Technology Bureau), Mr. Ho Kai Ming (Deputy Secretary of Labour and Welfare Bureau), Mr. Ben Chan,JP (Legislative Council Member), Mr. Sunny Chai, JP (Chairman of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation), Mr. Chua Hoi Wai (Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Council of Social Service), and Dr Liu Shao Haei (President of Society for Innovative Healthcare) and Mr Adrian Pang (Managing Director of ORIX Asia Limited) attended and delivered speeches as guests. Gathering the elites form all businesses to explore the way to defeat the pandemic using science and technology.

The epidemic has interfered with people's livelihood and hurt Hong Kong deeply. Mr. Rudy Chan (Director of RHT IND Ltd.) believes that from the perspective of science and technology, understanding the problems found in the industry and bringing new scientific manpower to fight against the epidemic is a desirable way. Also, It's a big environmental trend. During the epidemic, he and Mr. Ben Chan, JP(Legislative Council Member), visited all walks of life to understand the difficulties in fighting the epidemic, and thought about the way to solve these problems using technology. During the process, he received valuable advice and help from all walks of life, which contributed to a series of scientific research anti-epidemic products, such as "NCCO Anti-Epidemic Mobile Cabin" and "Vent Pipe System". This spirit of cohesion and strength from all walks of life to promote the implementation of scientific research to solve people's hardships has profound significance, this is also the core reason for the holding of this exhibition. This will help more people to understand and participate in it, prepare for future epidemics, and promote the development of scientific research in Hong Kong.

The exhibition lasted for three days, on the first day, the above-mentioned officiating guests were invited to attend and give speeches, and visited a series of scientific research anti-epidemic product including "NCCO Anti-Epidemic Mobile Cabin", "Vent Pipe System", "Personal Protective Mask", etc. Guests will represent the industry to understand the operation principle, usage, and exchange experience of new products. Dr. Cathy Jim (another director of RHT IND Ltd.) also gave a lecture to the guests to popularize how NCCO can combat the epidemic and its scientific research value that is beneficial to the environment and personal health. On the next and third days, the exhibition continued to showcase products for visiting media and institutions.


This exhibition and seminar is timely and has far-reaching significance. It is promoted by many industries, and it has attracted the attention and coverage of various media in China and Hong Kong, including mainstream media such as Headline Daily, Hong Kong Economic Times, AM730, Sing Tao Daily, Business Times, China News Daily, Morning Star Asia, etc.

Exhibition Highlights:

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